Cast iron cookware thats light enough for everyday use. Stunning designs in both casseroles and skillets.

About Unilloy

Unilloy is a Japanese kitchenware manufacturer specialising in cast iron cookware. Based in the Niigata prefecture, a region that has a history of producing high quality steel and cast iron products dating back 7 centuries. Unilloy’s goal is to produce the worlds lightest cast iron cookware, while maintaining all the great thermal conduction and retention qualities of traditional cast iron cookware.

Unilloy Casserole

It’s great to be able to work in the kitchen using cookware that suits you. Yet it’s surprisingly hard to come across something you feel like using on a daily basis. The UNILLOY casserole is a casserole for serious cooks. Retaining all the fantastic features and functions of a traditional enamel-coated cast iron pot, it is also amazingly light. We have transformed the traditional casserole into an everyday piece of cookware that you will love.

Unilloy Skillet

Delicious, crispy roasted vegetables, flaky pie crusts,  perfectly seared steak, cast iron’s efficitent heat conduction and retention, as well as its natural ability for developing a non-stick surface makes it the perfect material for nearly every kind of cooking. The UNILLOY cast iron skillet embodies or improves upon all of these characteristics, while being half the weight of the competition.

Cooking with UNILLOY

Where to buy

UNILLOY is new to Europe, but we are growing in popularity everyday. If you would like to give our products a go you can check out our distributor directory.

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Award winning design

At the 60th Red Dot Design awards the UNILLOY casserole won over the 38 member judging panel to take home the coveted Best of the Best design award. The Best of the Best award is judged on innovative design and is the highest individual award given in the Product Design category.

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Advanced Casting Technology

We set out to deliver a set of cookware products that both professionals and home cooks felt comfortable using everyday. The problem is that professional quality cast iron cookware is often heavy and awkward to use. UNILLOY cast iron is cast at only 2mm or less, which we achieved using advanced proprietary processing technology.

Casserole  skillet

Light weight and beautiful!


When I work with a cold material such as steel, I seek inspiration in nature. By using the soft shapes of nature, I combine the harmony between the person and the tool.

- Komin Yamada

Classic Design

Classic designs created by a Japanese national treasure

Komin Yamada

Komin Yamada

Industrial Designer


Komin Yamada was born in Tokyo in 1947. Yamada studied industrial design and graduated from the Ikuei College of Technology (now Salesian Polytechnic) in 1968. Thanks to an introduction from an acquaintance at College, he obtained a post as assistant in the Faculty of Industrial Design at Chiba University. Here he learned about design concepts and design modelling. In 1983 he was hired by Yoshikin Cutlery to design a set of kitchen knives, “Global Knives”, which brought him international recognition. Yamada continues to create amazing and beautiful designs including the UNILLOY casserole and skillet.

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