Brand Story

Creating the worlds lightest cast iron cookware.

Modern Innovation meets centuries of tradition

The Japanese people are famous the world over for their metal working, in particular great quality kitchen knives. However, Tsubame Sanjo, a town in the Niigata prefecture has over 700 years of cast iron tradition. Tsubame Sanjo has developed some of the worlds most advanced metal processing, casting and polishing techniques and ships high quality cookware all over the world.

The UNILLOY brand was created to take 700 years’ worth of knowledge and tradition and create a series of modern cast iron cookware products that overcome the image of being heavy, awkward and cumbersome.

Our Story

Sanjo and Tsubame are two cities in the Japanese prefecture of Niigata. Both cities and indeed the Niigata prefecture are famous throughout Japan for metal working. The region produces close to 10% of the countries cutlery and is second only to Osaka and its surrounding cities. Sanjo Special Cast Co, Ltd has been producing cast-iron cookware product in the region since its establishment in 1968. The UNILLOY brand was created in 2012 with the goal of developing the worlds lightest cast-iron cookware range.

A partnership was formed with the world famous industrial designer Komin Yamada, the creative mind behind Global Knives. Within a few short years the UNILLOY range became very popular in Japan. In 2014 the UNILLOY received its first design award at the GOOD DESIGN awards and 2015 the range received a “Best of the Best” product design award at the Red Dot design awards. With these awards in hand Sanjo Special Cast Co, Ltd decided to bring the UILLOY range to the world.


Our Mission

Our mission is simple. Create beautiful, practical and ligh-weight cookware products that both professionals and home cooks love to use. Cast-iron cookware is known for, features like great heat retention and efficient heat conduction. However, traditional casting has only been able to achieve these features through techniques that result in heavy product that are awkward to use. Our goal was to overcome this weight issue and with the UNILLOY Casserole and the SSC Skillet we have.


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