UNILLOY Casserole

Light weight, efficient, and beautiful

Enamel-coated cast iron casserole, for everyday use.

Cast-iron cookware is at the heart of every kitchen. Classics like beef bourguignon, coq au vin and confit duck are all worthy of pulling out you heavy, but well-loved cast-iron casserole. But what if it wasn’t heavy, what if it wasn’t awkward and hard to clean. The UNILLOY cast-iron casserole is designed to be light weight and practical for everyday use.

Incredibly light and easy to use.

The advantages of the UNILLOY Casserole start with a light weight design, but we have built this product from the ground up with ergonomics and ease of use in mind. The UNILLOY casserole is not only the lightest cast-iron casserole on the market it is the only casserole with a complete enamel coating from edge to edge. We wanted the casserole to incorporate a no rust, easy pour edge that looked great. The handles on the side of the casserole and the lid have also been ergonomically designed to be compact and easy to grip.

Express yourself through color

UNILLOY is available in 5 great colours that express the beauty of Japanese culinary culture. Traditional multi-course Kaiseki meals are designed by Japanese chefs to follow the seasons. Each UNILLOY colour represents a seasonal element from throughout the year.

Japanese culture seeks to find harmony with the environment. Out of respect for humanity and the environment the UNILLOY Casserole is glazed using environmentally friendly materials and no heavy metals.

Seamless Design

The UNILLOY casserole has a seamless design that makes it incredibly strong. Each UNILLOY casserole is cast from a single piece high grade iron. The absence of any joints makes the casserole super strong, and ultimately hygienic and easy to clean.

Efficient heat conduction built right in.

Ok so UNILLOY is light weight and extra thin, does that mean it loses the great heat conduction properties that cast-iron cookware is known for?

Not at all and in fact we put our casserole to the test and discovered it performs just as well as the competition and in some areas better.

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