Light Weight Design

Classic cast-iron, designed to be light weight for everyday use.

Light on weight, heavy on style!

Cast iron cookware has been produced in Niigata, Japan for over 7 centures and so we knew we had the skill to produce an amazing set of cast iron cookware products that are both light weight and functional, but we wanted it to look amazing also.

So we brought in the world famous design team that developed the Global knife series. Lead by award winning industrial designer Komin Yamada. In 2015 shortly after the release of the UNILLOY range we recieved a reddot ‘best of the best’ award for product design.

Light enough for one hand.

At just 2mm thick the UNILLOY cast iron casserole is half the weight of any other casserole on the market. Producing such a light weight casserole that retains the functionality of traditional cast iron cookware required the development of a new form of advanced FCV cast iron and processing techniques.

The design created by Komin Yamada and his team implemented ergonomics throughout the design from the downward angle of the handles on the side of the casserole to the oval shaped knob on the lid to emphasise the light weight and increase ease of use.

Easy handling

You’re serious about cooking and you love to get into the kitchen and cook up a storm, but you hate working with heavy, awkward cookware that just gets in the way of creativity.

We get you! UNILLOY is all about frustration free cooking.

The light weight makes it easy to quickly shift from stove top to oven or onto the kitchen bench. Features like no drip pouring and easy grip handling make it possible to avoid mess and even easier to keep clean while you cook.

Four FUNctional Sizes

Flavour built right in.

When we began to build the UNILLOY cast iron series we wanted to make sure that we considered every aspect of the cooking experience. From ease of use, to cleaning and even the quality and flavour of the food you cook. With this in mind we add contours to the lid that efficiently re-integrate flavour which evaporates during the cooking process.


Kitchen to table design

We think the UNILLOY casserole is beautiful and we have the awards to back it up. Our hope is that you think so too.

Our goal was to create a beautiful piece of kitchenware that foodies around the world would love to cook with and present their creation in.

Express Yourself with Five Fun Colours

Classic Design

Classic designs created by a Japanese national treasure
Komin Yamada

Komin Yamada

Industrial Designer



Komin Yamada was born in Tokyo in 1947. Yamada studied industrial design and graduated from the Ikuei College of Technology (now Salesian Polytechnic) in 1968. Thanks to an introduction from an acquaintance at College, he obtained a post as assistant in the Faculty of Industrial Design at Chiba University. Here he learned about design concepts and design modelling. In 1983 he was hired by Yoshikin Cutlery to design a set of kitchen knives, “Global Knives”, which brought him international recognition. Yamada continues to create amazing and beautiful designs including the UNILLOY casserole and skillet.

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