SSC Skillet

Light weight, efficient, and beautiful

Cast iron Skillet, for everyday use.

Cast-iron cookware is at the heart of every kitchen. Everyday favourites like , bacon and eggs, skin on chicken breast or a perfectly seared steak are all worthy of pulling out your heavy, but well-loved cast-iron Skillet. But what if it wasn’t heavy, what if it wasn’t awkward and hard to clean. The SSC cast-iron skillet is so light you can flip a pancake in it.

Incredibly light and easy to use.

Starting at just 800g for the 20cm model and with a maximum weight of 1.1kgs in our 26cm model the SSC skillet is easily the lightest and most versatile cast iron skillet on the market.

Every detail has been considered with this great pan from the easy pour edge to the compact handle, designed to fit in any oven.  

Express yourself through color

We wanted to add a touch of character to the SSC Skillet, so we have added a colourfull heat resistant silicon end cap to the handle. Four expressive colours are available so you can make your skillet your own.

The end cap is heat resistant up to 600°C so you can leave it on when you put the pan in the oven, but its removable if you want to clean it.

Express Yourself with Four Fun Colours

Seamless Design

The SSC Skillet has a seamless design that makes it incredibly strong. Each SSC Skillet is cast from a single piece high grade iron that is free from impurities. The absence of any joints makes the skillet super strong, and ultimately hygienic and easy to clean.

Efficient heat conduction built right in.

Ok so the SSC Skillet is light weight and extra thin, does that mean it loses the great heat conduction properties that cast-iron cookware is known for?

Not at all and in fact we put our skillets to the test and discovered they perform just as well as the competition and in some areas better.

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