Light Weight Design

Classic cast-iron, designed to be light weight for everyday use.

Light on weight, heavy on style!

Following the success of our UNILLOY Casserole and the lessons we learnt producing it we wanted to create a range of skillets that embodied the same great, light weight design elements.

Continuing a tradition of producing high quality cast iron cookware that is both lightweight, functional and attractive we developed the SSC Skillet. The worlds lightest cast iron skillet.


Light enough for one hand.

At just 1.5mm thick the SSC cast iron skillet is half the weight of any other skillet on the market. Producing such a light weight skillet that retains the functionality of tradition cast iron cookware required the development of a new form of advanced FCD cast iron and processing techniques.

Easy handling

If you’re serious about cooking then you know that cast iron is the best material to cook with. You also know that it can be heavy and cumbersom to work with. The SSC skillet changes all of that. You get everything you love about cast iron and nothing you don’t.

The light weight makes it easy to quickly shift from stove top to oven or onto the kitchen bench. Features like no drip pouring and a compact integrated design make cooking with the SSC skillet an absolute pleasure.

Light weight cast iron

Advanced processing technology

At Sanyo Special Casting (SSC) in Niigata, Japan we have created an FCD cast iron skillet with a wall thickness of only 1.5mm. The skillet is about half the weight of traditional cast iron cookware and is the first of its kind.


Naturally non-stick

The reason we all love cast iron is that it has great heat conduction and naturally forms a non-stick surface through seasoning.

The SSC skillet has been machined to be ultra smooth and non-stick, but over time a natural seasoning will build up and the non-stick surface will improve.

Easy to use and easy to clean

Cast iron is relatively easy to maintain. When you first receive your skillet you use soap and water to give it a thorough clean. After that initial clean you only need to use hot water. Soap will taint the natural flavour of the skillet and remove the seasoning.

A good season should be built up over the first few times you use the skillet. This should be done using natural oils and not fats or other lubricants that tend to go rancid.

All the right sizes.

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